Sunday, July 10, 2011

A New Start

Hello, and welcome to anyone coming over from my old blog, Culinary Taste, and to my new readers! I will still "blog gluten free" but the recipes will probably be less frequent then before and hopefully more visually appealing. .though I promise they will continue to taste good. I've had one too many complaints about my "piles of mush". lol.

I thought I'd start fresh because Culinary Taste just doesn't reflect me anymore. A lot has changed since I started that blog and at this point I felt it was too limiting since I didn't always want to blog about a recipe or a food review. Sometimes I just want to be self centred and talk about me, my life, my daughter or my husband. . .or well, the cat but that's not as likely.

So here I am with a fresh page. . .clean slate.

I was dreaming last night and woke up with the name for this blog,"On the Edge of Tomorrow". I think that a lot of the time while I'm sitting up late at night rocking my daughter and waiting for the next day to come that is how I feel. I'm on the edge of tomorrow. I'm not asleep but it's technically the next day and hopefully it will be better than the day before it. So until the sunrise. . .

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