Monday, January 27, 2014

Pinterest. . .I Finally Got Around to Doing Something I Pinned.

Like a lot of people, I have good intentions, but don't necessarily get around to doing things I'd like to do because life gets in the way. This used to be a relatively small issue maybe a few projects started and not finished or I'd see something in a magazine and think about doing it and never get around to it, maybe book mark the odd thing online. . .until I came across Pinterest.

Apparently I now have close to 765 projects, recipes, or articles that I intended to read, cook or otherwise complete and likely never will.

So last night my husband and I were talking about our daughter's bedtime routine and how we could improve on it. . .and I realized. ..


I had had every intention of making her a cool bedtime routine "chart". . .one of these days. . .

Well, I decided why not now?!

I pulled out my scrap booking supplies (they exist because of more good intentions. . .) and here's what I came up with in the end:

It's magnetic so she can close them up as she completes each bedtime task!

She saw it this morning and she is soooo excited for bedtime tonight!

The original pin was actually for a chore chart.  Here it is if you'd like to check it out. :)

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