Friday, April 25, 2014


On Wednesday we flopped out of bed at 8am, got organized and hit the road in record time. After a brief stop at Grandpa and Grandma's to drop off the cat, we were on our way to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, Ontario for the first time.

To say E was looking forward to the trip would have been an understatement. She had been counting down the days on her calendar since we'd first talked about going. I was also excited, but I didn't know what to expect. Luckily it didn't disappoint.

We arrived at GWL at around 2 o'clock. Walking in E was in awe. While was checked in, E played with an animatronic squirrel that was built into the counter. 

After dropping our bags in our room, we were off to explore the water park! E was given an orange bracelet which told us what parts of the park she was allowed to explore. This included 4 small water slides. She went down 3 of 4 but mostly used the smaller two slides, the wading pool area and the splash pad type areas. 

After a few hours in the water park we grabbed some dinner then at E's request went to cub club followed by bowling. E had never been bowling before and SHE LOVED IT! She would jump up and down when she'd knock down pins, she'd dance, shaking her little bum side to side, and give us high fives. It makes me smile just thinking about it. She's also a team player as she cheered me on, high fived my good shots and said "Good try Mom, try again next time!" when I knocked down only one or two pins.

Soon it was time for Story time in the lobby. After a brief show from the forest friends, they read two stories to the kids and then we were off to bed to prepare for a second day of a lot more fun. Highlights from our second day included Wolf Walk, the Forest Friends show, more water park adventures and eating gluten free pizza from Northwoods.

Since returning home E has been wearing her wolf ears and practising "STOMP STOMP, CLAP CLAP, HOWL" - The Great Wolf Lodge Howl. She had an amazing time and keeps asking if we can go back again next year.

I would definitely have to say our mini vacation was the most exciting "thing" I purchased this month.

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  1. Cute!! We have a Great Wolf Lodge in Washington and we've been there twice now. I call it Vegas for kids. ;)