Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Summer Bucket List Update

Where did the time go?! In only two weeks we'll be gathering around a fancy table to celebrate Thanksgiving! It's hard to believe that we're already a month into school again and that our summer vacation was two months ago!

If you happened to read my summer bucket list, back in July, you might be wondering how we did. Unfortunately I didn't accomplish very much of the list - my hair is still long, we never made it to a real beach, I don't think I picked up any non-children's books all summer, date nights definitely didn't happen, we didn't go for ice cream, etc. . .however, we did go camping, and we survived! Check mark.

Surprisingly our daughter actually said that tent camping was "the best" vacation she had ever been on - someone should probably remind me of that next time I take my credit card out to pay for Great Wolf Lodge. :) I'm not sure I would give it quite so much fanfare but we did have a good time despite some issues.

On a warm Saturday in mid July we were still organizing. It was taking an absurd amount of time to pack, so absurd that we finally just said "I'm sure we can survive on what we have", packed it and left.

As you can probably guess that wasn't the best plan. When we got to the camp ground we soon realized that we had forgotten the air mattress pump. Luckily we had a great neighbour who offered us a hair dryer. Unfortunately later that evening we realized we had also forgotten the doll our daughter sleeps with. There were a lot of tears but after some discussion our daughter decided that Anna Banana, her baby doll, was safe at home and having her own vacation of sorts. She talked about her a lot for the rest of the trip but handled it amazingly well so I guess we were lucky once again. The next day came and went with trips to the playground and pool. It was a relaxing spot and soon it was time for dinner. Dinner was originally supposed to be hot dogs but, guess what, we forgot them in the fridge at home. The small store didn't carry any gluten free ones so we bought chicken breasts instead and unfortunately we quickly realized we are not experienced in camp stove or camp fire cooking. Dinner was really really late. Thank goodness we had potato chips to munch on while it cooked!

So, after that experience I'd like to be better prepared, maybe even make a list, but overall it was fun even if the adults felt happy but completely exhausted afterwards and had some stressful moments. Now to decide where to camp next summer. . .

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