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Top 12 Photos of 2014

Top 12 Photos of 2014

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, there are some photos this year that I haven't been able to share because of who is in them. So perhaps these aren't my absolute favourite photos of 2014 but they are my favourites of the ones I can share.  Here they are in no particular order.

This is the first time we tried making home made, gluten free banana bread. I chose this photo because it makes me feel happy.  Hubby said it tasted just like the real thing and E kept asking for more.  Unfortunately I couldn't try it because I'm allergic to bananas but I still felt the love. :)

This is Scamper.  Scamper is 11 years old (12 in February).  I found him at a no-kill shelter when he was 2 years old and brought him home.  We've been through a lot together.  He's my cat buddy even though he can be fairly grumpy at times these days.  I love this photo because he's so content, and also looks like he's posing for it - which who knows, he may have been. :) We didn't buy the chair for him but it has been claimed as his and since then we've encouraged that.

I know what you're thinking, more baking. . .haha. I just can't help it.  I was so proud of myself after making these.  I used a family recipe and made them just replacing the flour with a gluten free alternative.  Doing that always has it's risks but I was so happy with how they turned out! Makes me smile looking at the photo.

This was taken in March 2014.  E had been asking to build a snow man for a while but the weather had been so cold.  This time we had just enough snow.  She was so proud of her snowman.  The picture makes me chuckle. :)

I had a hard time choosing just one Great Wolf Lodge photo because we had such a good time there.  I had narrowed it down to this photo or one of E on a water slide.  Both are great photos because they are both firsts for E and really show how she's grown over the past year but in the end I picked this one.  Although you don't see it in this photo hubby is standing off to the side teaching her how to bowl and afterwards E high fives everyone and continues to encourage us as we bowl.  This photo gives me proud mommy feelings and happy memories.

This photo was also taken in Niagara Falls while on the Great Wolf Lodge trip.  We went to an indoor garden and E enjoyed exploring it.  I like this photo because of the colours.  It just looks really pretty.

E giving a paramedic bear a high five. I love this photo because it's adorable.  E loves fire fighters, paramedics and police men and their vehicles.. .especially their vehicles. :)

Look a tomato! I love this photo because it's the first tomato from our tomato plant this summer.  It's the first time I've kept a plant alive long enough for it to actually make edible food.  I was pretty excited!

E relaxing in the grass by our building enjoying the weather in July.  I just love the carefree nature of this photo.

I thought this photo was awesome. E had just come from dance class so her hair was up in a bun but light wisps of it were escaping because of the wind.  We went to the Airport for a special event and she got sit in this plane for this photo.  She announced that she wanted to be a pilot after that so now she wants to be a ballerina, firefighter and pilot.  I love how she dreams. :)

The first time E had ever had poutine.  E has Celiac disease and we were really excited to find out that McDonald's Canada was offering a poutine with gluten free gravy. 

Perhaps a bit of a cheat since this isn't a photo that I personally took, it was taken back stage at E's dance recital while we were of course sitting out front but it's my absolute favourite photo of 2014.  E is the one in the photo with the arm around her back.  This is her and her dance class mates waiting to go on stage. I love her perfect little bun and the tutu. She was lovely and performed beautifully that day.  We were so proud of her!

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