Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Day at The Fair

Heavy Horse Show at the Fair

I can remember going to the fair practically every year as a child. I looked forward to it.  I loved going on the Scrambler and the Dragon Rollercoaster and popping balloons to win a prize.  The balloon pop was my favourite game. I usually played it twice.

I remember fair food, sitting on the grand stands watching some kind of cow or sheep show while eating a pile of french fries with a french fry fork.

By the end of the day we were tired, sometimes cold and wet, and as we got older, actually pretty cranky. I'm not sure if we were always cranky by the end of the day but I can remember as an early teen that my parents always bought too many ride tickets and kept pushing us to go on more rides so they didn't go to waste. Unfortunately they'd buy the "deal" and by our teens we were more interested in playing carnival games rather than going on a tea cup ride.

Still, as a mom, I find joy in the fair.

I really don't have an interest in riding on the Dragon Rollercoaster or the Scrambler any more, but I do love the look of glee that was on my daughter's face today as she experienced the fair for the first time.

She went not knowing what to expect. In fact, she told me she was worried that it wouldn't be fun. I guess I didn't hype it up enough. haha.

She's 5 1/2 now and 43 inches tall so she was finally tall enough to ride something. We told her we weren't sure how many rides they would have for kids her height and as we entered the midway she started to get concerned.  She kept picking big kid rides, standing beside large rulers to measure herself and finding out she wasn't quite there yet. :)

However, as we turned the corner we found the Kiddieland area and I got excited. haha.


She IMMEDIATELY started picking out things she wanted to do. She wanted to play all of the games. She wanted to ride all of the rides. She wanted all of the prizes. She was a little excited!

We took a twirl around the Kiddie area and made a plan then bought some ride tickets.

First she went on the Dragon Rollercoaster. She wasn't sure if she wanted to or not as it looked kind of "scary" but she would go if Daddy would go with her and my husband agreed to ride with her off they went.  When she came off she was jumping up and down and smiling.  It was "SO MUCH FUN!"

The rest of the rides she was able to go on by herself - a carousel, a flying dog, a flying bee, and the spinning strawberries. I've never been a fan of anything that spins so she must take after my sister or her dad when it comes to that department. I couldn't even watch lest I get sick. haha.

Bee Ride

After that she settled on playing the balloon game.  She won a butterfly but begged us to let her play again. So she came home with a stuffed giraffe. She played twice of course. I couldn't say no.

Before leaving the midway she climbed the fun house with Daddy. We debated sending her on her own but we had only 4 tickets left and it took 3 and assisting parents could get in for 1 ticket. I'm not sure if she needed the assist but we were a bit concerned that she might get scared at the top and it's not like my husband complained. I don't think he minded climbing in there at all. :)

Then we checked out the giant pumpkins (300 something lb winner!) before heading to the car.

A good day at the fair. :)

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