Monday, September 26, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 17

On day 17 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge the topic is "Your Highs and Lows of the Past Year".  I thought about this topic for most of the day because I really wasn't sure what I wanted to write but here goes:

The Lows:

1) Money - We've incurred a bit of debt, and we've struggled since we moved to Barrie in early 2009.  The move cost us a lot of money and the lack of work when we moved up there cost us more.  It was unfortunate how things worked out there and we're still not back on our feet but I couldn't have picked a better medical team than the ones we had when I was pregnant so I believe that's why God sent us up there.

2) Changes in relationships with friends - I've changed as a person since our daughter was born.  I don't feel like I have a lot to contribute to conversation any more with some of my old friends and I can feel us going our separate ways.  I think once our married friends start having children things might even out a little more again.

3) Health - My health hasn't been the greatest since 2008.  I still wear out easily and I'm discovering more and more allergies and intolerances.  It can be frustrating at times.

The Highs:

1) Moving into a new apartment - We moved into a new apartment at the beginning of this year and it's great!  We have friendly neighbors who we actually talk to and who don't slam doors in your face, we don't come home to pot smoke smell so strong you can taste it in your living room while you're cooking your own food, we have a pool and a great backyard in the back for our daughter to run around in!  Not to mention. . .carpeting!!  After having school style tile for a year carpeting was complete luxury.  I love waking up in the morning and stepping onto a fluffy floor. :)

2) Health - Yes, it's been a rough year for health but I am gradually getting better!  It's a really slow recovery and some days are better than others but I'm very very slowly putting on weight and getting more energy. :)

3) Our daughter - Though she's trying at times she's a lot of fun to play with and it's amazing to see how she looks at the world.  Everything is "oh wow" lately.  She clearly appreciates God's creation. :)

4) Cable - I really in truly appreciate Treehouse tv.  It has kept me sane at least a few times. lol.

5) Friendship - I've become closer to some of my old friends and developed some new friendships.

So, I guess that's it. :) I've been trying lately to focus more on the positive so I decided to end with the highs. :)

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