Thursday, October 6, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 27

A problem you have or have had in the past.

When I was in college I used to get invited out all of the time. I had plans almost every weekend.  I rarely ever had down time for myself and I really enjoyed being that social, outgoing person.

However, the older I've gotten the less invites I've received.  Part of this I think has to do with my Celiac diagnosis and my peanut allergy.  I became a hassle to hang out with.  People don't want to accommodate my dietary needs (ie a place without peanut shells on the floor with preferably at least one dish I can eat).  For a while they said "why don't you just get a drink?" and then would get peeved when I said I would like to have the option to eat something as well and not just watch everyone else eat so if they want to go to that restaurant than it's okay, I'll just go home.

I've also found recently that a few of my so called "friends" only ever contact me if they're upset about something.  Then they say "we should get together" but never call me again until something crappy happens in their life and then repeat the same spiel.  Funny thing is when I call them because I'm upset they're always "busy".

Yes, my college days were stupid but they were a lot of fun and although I'm fairly finished with bar hopping at this point in my life, I sometimes still miss the excitement of getting ready to go out and hanging out with friends and dancing and partying and ordering Pita Pit at 2am.

So. . .my problem is this:  I have a hard time making new friends and I have a hard time having close relationships with my existing ones.  Most of the problem probably lies in the fact that my very closest friends don't live in town and the other ones that I used to be closer to that do live here have gone on with their lives and I with mine.  We've gone down different paths. . .and I'm not quite sure what road I fit on yet.

So. . .now how do I solve this problem?

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