Saturday, September 8, 2012

Product Review: Piller's Simply Free Deli Meats


Piller's Recently came out with a whole line of products called "Simply Free" which are Gluten free, and free of allergens!!

After a couple of years of eating another company's meat and really not being overly impressed, I was about ready to give up on lunch meat altogether when I heard about this line of products.

Piller's Simply free has a bunch of different gluten free, allergy free products available - you can take a look here: but personally I have only tried their sliced meats at this point.

I recently purchased 3 of their sliced meats (of the 5 flavours available) - Black Forest Ham, Roasted Turkey Breast and Shaved Roast Beef and so far I have to say I've been impressed.

They're great tasting and the packages seem like they are a decent size package, and the slices of meat themselves are also a good size, in comparison to other gluten free meat I've bought. The cost was also pretty comparable to other sliced meat products.

As it stands, I would recommend this product to my friends and family and am excited to try out the rest of the line as well! :)

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