Wednesday, January 22, 2014

After High school. . .

Blog challenge: What was your big dream for yourself when you had graduated from high school?

It started as a curiosity, a desire to look beyond the surface and find a past, the story that each building told. Who lived there? Worked there? Stayed there? What had they been like?

What had this place, now so derelict, looked like to them?

I continue to be fascinated with the past, especially abandoned buildings, and if I had the money to do so, I would restore them to their former beauty.

Growing up I would go on family vacations and, without fail, we'd drive along a high way somewhere and there would be an intriguing abandoned building with "potential".

That interest, combined with my interest in hotels and the luxury of staying somewhere over night lead to my original major - Hotel and Resort Operations.

I went into the program with every intention of owning and operating my own hotel.

Of course being 19 at the time I wasn't particularly logical I suppose.  I was full of dreams and entering my first day of Front Office Operations class I was raring to go.  That was, until my professor took it upon himself to ask the class "How many of you are here because you want to own and operate your own hotel?" I timidly raised my hand amongst the others.  "Well", he said, "You'd better get that idea out of your head now because it's never going to happen!"

I never finished the hotel and resort operations program.  I transferred into Art Appreciation design and visual with a minor in interior design, again intending to beautify and restore buildings but unfortunately after struggling drastically with drafting by hand I was forced to drop the program and fall into something I was "good at" - Office Administration.  I graduated with that but continue with the desire to eventually open a hotel like property though I doubt it would be so big as a hotel these days, but perhaps an Inn.

At the very least a Bed and Breakfast in an old restored home.

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