Monday, February 24, 2014

Her First Poutine

We stayed out way too late last night, well past E's bedtime. On our way home I could tell E was getting tired as she was tugging on her hair to stay wake and she was getting grumpier by the second. However she was also complaining of being "starving" so it was unlikely that she'd fall asleep on the drive home.

The suggestion of crackers or a bowl of cereal wasn't well received because apparently she wanted "dinner" and I wasn't up to making something extensive when we got home so I offered up the suggestion of french fries from McDonald's.

We're not a family who eats a lot of fast food - my husband does but the rest of us can count on one hand how many times we've been to McDonald's in the last year. The last time was likely July for ice cream so this was exciting!

We arrived at the restaurant around 8 o'clock. E, previously sleepy, bounded out of the car and bounced into the restaurant with a huge smile on her face. There was no line and the staff quickly helped us.  A quick glance at an ingredient list confirmed what I'd heard, that the Poutine was also gluten free, not just the fries!

We debated buying E her own Poutine but it was $3.99 and we weren't sure if she'd like it so we got a small fry, a Poutine and 2 forks.

E dove into her french fries and then, glancing over at what Daddy was eating, asked if she could have some of his too, offering to share some of her fries in exchange.

Daddy suggested I take pictures of her first taste of Poutine as a Canadian right of passage of sorts so I did.

The whole evening made me smile. From the gathering we'd just left, to the simple joys of childhood. It warmed my heart.

Written with inspiration from Mama Kat's  prompt #5: Something that made you smile this week.

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