Friday, February 14, 2014

What is Love?

2.) A blog post inspired by the word: love

I grew up with the idea that love was what you see in movies.  A whirlwind romance with passionate sex.  It was butterflies in the stomach and giggly talks with girl friends about how adorable or "hot" he was.  It was being completely overwhelmed with anxiety when looking at a boy that you were "in love" with that you could barely speak.  It was Disney movies and happily ever afters.

That's not love. 

Love changes over time.  In the beginning you date and he brings you flowers, your room mates say he's such a friendly, helpful guy and although he visits too often, because he can't get enough of you, they try not to complain too much.

He buys you groceries to help out since he eats too much when he visits.

He picks you up from work during a crazy snow storm and you find yourself at a bar after work eating nachos and chatting and then he gets snowed in at your house after trying to drop you off.  But he's a good guy so he sleeps on the pull out couch.

A year later rain falling lightly on a star lit deck, he gets down on one knee and asks the question you've been waiting for as you know you've wanted this, wanted him, since practically a month into the relationship but you didn't want him to get scared off.

You say "Yes!"

There are tears, happy hugs and kisses.  You call your parents and begin planning.  There will be a dress, flowers, fancy hall.  He's there for you as you lose yourself in a whirlwind of stress, of trying to please your parents, your siblings, your bridal party for one momentous day.

The day arrives and you put on your white dress, walking down the aisle toward him your heart is fluttering, trying not to cry. . . remember to breath.  breath.  He's standing at the front of the church, tears rolling down his face. He's looking at you and you're looking at him and you can't wait for this big momentous ceremony, this being the centre of attention, to be over.

And despite feeling light headed, despite needing to sit down you want this.  You won't run away despite everything you're feeling: anxiety from being in front of all of those people. . .you breathe relief when you are pronounced as husband and wife.  A kiss and trumpeted music and a smile between each other.  You're so happy!

Waffles in wedding clothes in a beautiful hotel room that he arranged.  Hugs and kisses and a first night together.  A week long honeymoon in Niagara falls and then you're back to real life but you're still flitting along, eyes glazed over in the romance of it all, showing everyone your wedding ring who asks.

A year later and you've left your home town for another city, he's been relocated for work. and life changes. You find out that you're expecting a baby.  You're terrified and excited at the same time.

Nine months later on a cold and snowy day, snow flakes floating down peacefully outside a hospital room window a baby is born and as you sit there in the hospital bed holding her wrapped in a white blanket he looks at you and tells you how amazing you are and you tear up a bit at how much love you feel for both of them.

Four years later you find yourself rolling your eyes as you pick up his socks.  You sigh. . .you doubt he'll ever change but despite that, you know he's a good man and although you want to smack him upside the head some days, he still loves you and you still love him and you reminisce on all the memories you have together and think of the future to come.

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  1. Absolutely, because if you can't hang in there through the dirty socks, it isn't really love!

  2. Yep, it's much more than what's displayed in the movies. It comes with the good and not so good and it's real!