Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday

These are the 5 things I'm loving this week. My highlights are:

1) Reorganizing E's room.

I've been trying to make E's room more cozy ever since we moved in and on Sunday I decided it would be a good idea to move her bed so we bought a 2 sided rail so the bed didn't have to be against the wall anymore. Then on Monday, while E was at school I moved her dresser and organized her toys and books and she came home to a really nice space.  Lots of room to play with her toys now. She loves it!

2) Field Trip
On Wednesday E went on her first school field trip.  I volunteered and honestly wasn't really very impressed with the maple sugar bush that we went to but E couldn't stop talking about riding on the school bus for the first time and getting to play at the playground there.  So I'm glad we went. 

3) Kids First Day
Kids First Day is an event held in our city where kids get to go to a bunch of local attractions or activities that are free or low cost for the day. We are not even a quarter as motivated as some people so we only got to one of the many locations we could have checked out today but E enjoyed going to the library, making a mosaic picture and watching about 5 minutes of Mary Poppins before she decided we should leave.

4) Play date
Had a great time hanging out this afternoon with some family. It's so nice for E to have cousins her age. Us moms chatted while the kids played. Have to do that more often!

5) Start of March Break
Today marked the first day of March break.  E goes back to school on the 17th. I'm looking forward to doing some fun stuff with her this week. Now to figure out what. . . :)

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