Sunday, March 2, 2014

Product Review: Daiya Fire-roasted Vegetable Pizza

I've been gluten free since 2008 but last year, after having an allergic reaction, I was also forced to go dairy free.  It was a bit of an adjustment but overall it hasn't been anywhere close to as difficult as going gluten free, though I do miss a lot of convenience foods like cream of mushroom soup.

Unfortunately it also meant giving up cheese which really affected pizza. 

It now meant that I'd either have to order a gluten free pizza without cheese from my favourite pizza place or make one at home with frozen crust and faux cheese.  There are gluten free pizzas on the market and dairy free pizzas but it's rare to come across the two properties combined  in the same pizza and, assuming you found that, for the pizza to be edible.

Then in November Daiya (dairy free cheese company) posted on facebook that they would be selling pizzas! I tried not to get my hopes up as I looked at the advertising for the new product.  Surely it would contain gluten.

But. . .it didn't!

Daiya's new pizzas were GLUTEN FREE!   

Unfortunately for me it took a few months for them to reach stores in our area but we were able to get our hands on one tonight!

We chose fire roasted vegetable pizza.  They also had a cheese pizza in stock at the store. I put it in the oven and started to cringe as I watched it seem to curl up on all sides.  The last gluten free pizza I'd had in my oven that did that went rock hard and cracked into a bunch of pieces but this didn't! 

This pizza was really tasty, even with being vegetarian, and my only complaint is that it was too small.  I really could have eaten more of it! It was about the size of a small pizza. We plan to buy it again for my daughter and I for a pizza night, though next time we'll probably buy 2. :)

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