Thursday, January 1, 2015

Another Year. . .More Resolutions

So last year about this time I made a blog post about my New Year's resolutions for 2014.  So now's the time to review them and see how I did. . .

My first resolution was to make more time for me. .
With all the appointments children have needed to get to, field trips to go on, and my husband's work I've honestly probably had less time for me in 2014 than I had in 2013 but it wasn't without trying. Sometimes stuff just doesn't work out.  It continues to be a goal I'll have for 2015!

Secondly, I planned to get more exercise. . .
Well, I intended to do yoga, and maybe take a dance class.  Throughout the year I did occasionally do yoga but I never really consistantly stuck with it.  I'm also not sitting around being lazy all day either though.  I have been chasing a toddler around the house since July and walking a 5 year old to school and back since September.  So I guess it's not planned exercise but it's not not exercising either.

As for dance classes, unfortunately my husband and I decided that dance classes weren't going to work out for this year, but maybe another time.

Have date nights with my husband. . .
I suggested a ball room dance class but there were no takers. lol. Two birds with one stone right? Haha.  Honestly though we do spend a lot of time together just not out of the house right now. We chit chat as we do our own thing.  In 2015 I hope to actually get out to the occasional restaurant though too.  I actually have a couple restaurant names jotted down now. 

Have more family time without tv, computers and iphones. . .
We actually managed it this summer when we went tent camping.  Two days without tv, computers or iphones.  .though my husband didn't have a choice as the battery died on his phone.  He had to leave it in the car to charge. Haha. We had fun!

Save money. . .
This is one thing we can definitely be proud of.  We've saved a lot of money this year.  We continue to save because we haven't met our goal yet but we're actually getting somewhere now! :)

Get rid of stuff, organize, etc.
This continues to be something I'm working on.  With Christmas having just passed we have more toys to find homes for, and I still have to organize our storage room so that you don't have to empty it to find what you need. :) Another thing to work on this year! At least I have a plan now.

Improve my appearance. 
I'm working on this one.  I recently got a hair cut, and purchased some new clothes which is something I haven't done in a while because I never outgrow my old ones. 

So, goals for 2015. . .Continue to work on making more time for me, go out for at least a couple restaurant dates with my husband where I put the effort into looking nice like I used to when we were dating, continue to save money (we're trying to buy a house), organize what we have and purge what we don't need!

Let's see how this goes. :)


  1. Congrats on saving money! That is a goal that is sometimes hard to reach. It's great you made progress - some thing take more than a year. Good luck in 2015!

  2. With younger children (and even with older ones), it IS always difficult to find time for ourselves. Just keep trying. Glad you are making progress on some of your goals. Progress is a good feeling. We can never be "done" with anything... Hope 2015 meets you just as well! Visiting here from MakaKat's Losin' It!

  3. I think it's great that you are following up on your resolutions from last year, and congratulations on the ones you did make progress on. I took ballroom dancing lessons with my husband before we were married, and it was really fun to surprise people at our wedding with a real ballroom dance.

  4. YES! On all the goals...I'll adopt yours as mine too. Just clump them all together. It's going to be a great year. :)