Sunday, July 31, 2011

It Just Flew By

Well, it's hard to believe that it will be August in a couple of hours! The summer is just flying by!

We aren't planning any "summer" holidays this year but we are hoping to have a holiday in September if it's financially possible. Around here we don't have to worry about when we specifically take our holidays as hubby is both self employed and works in a fairly flexible side job (where as long as his hours are covered he can leave) and I'm currently a Stay at home mom.

I still am not mastering the "homemaker" portion of the stay at home mom job description. The meals I make could use improvement - they're nothing fancy; the time I spend cleaning could probably stand to be longer and I'm no Martha Stewart or Bree Vandekamp lol. The house is a mess but the Munchkin and hubby are happy so I guess that's what should matter in the end.

The biggest problem around here, as I may have mentioned before, is the tornado of toys that always seems to accumulate in the living room. No matter how often I seem to clean them up they always seem to be there. However, I think I may have come up with a solution!

I'm planning to buy a few dish washing bins. I'm thinking of the style of bins we had for camping as kids, (they were plastic and rectangular) and I'm planning to separate Munchkin's toys into these bins so she has a rotating toy stash. Each day I will give her a different bin to play with! Hopefully this will cut down on the "ooooh I could play with this" toss on floor, "oooh this looks fun" next toy, "ooooh forgot about that. . ." tornado that happens every day. lol.

The last couple of weeks hubby and I have been working on a website for Canadian Christian Moms. It takes up a lot of my spare time but so far I'm really enjoying seeing it come together! We have a few members right now. It's by no means a huge community yet but it's exciting to see it grow a little each day. :)

I'm hoping that eventually it will be as large as some of the other forums I belong to and I'm hoping that it will be a great place for support and encouragement in faith and love toward one another. In the meantime I'm just trying to figure out how to tell people about it and get it out there without spending any money. lol.

If you want to take a look feel free:

Anyhow, I should probably go to bed. It's almost August. . .;)

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