Wednesday, September 21, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 12

Today was a really rainy and kind of depressing day when it came to the weather so we didn't get to do that much.  This blog challenge post is entitled "Bullet Your Day".  I'm a stay at home mom so I don't lead the most exciting life anyway, but here's what we did today:

* Got up
* I made Breakfast for daughter and I
* We watched something on Treehouse TV while eating breakfast
* I took a shower
* Played peek-a-boo with my daughter with the shower curtain while showering.
* Daughter held her hands under the water from the shower and splashed it at me and I splashed back and she giggled.
* Got out of the shower, set clothes on the bed to get dressed.  Daughter helped by stealing clothes and running down the hall with them. lol.  I got them back from her and got dressed.
* Checked my email, Facebook, twitter, Google+ and various other social networking accounts.
* Told my daughter to stop jumping on the couch. Repeated this a multitude of times!!
* Hubby offered to take our daughter outside for a bit before it started raining to save my sanity.  They got downstairs and it started raining so they were back up very quickly unfortunately.
* Her and I played on the balcony for a bit in the rain puddles.
* I whined that it was too cold out to spend too long out there so we went inside
* Made lunch
* Went shopping at Scholar's Choice for toilet training supplies, Cheeky Monkey for new sippy cups (the last one we had was lost under the couch and when it was found, despite being cleaned, never seemed quite clean enough again.), and the grocery store.
* Got home
* Made dinner and ate
* Put baby to bed
* Back to social networking, blogging, and getting caught up, etc.

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