Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 13

Day 13 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge talks about places I'd like to visit.  I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to a lot of places including most of Canada and parts of the U.S. throughout my childhood.  I also got to go to Poland and Portugal.

However, I missed out on going to one place in particular that most people went to as a child.  So to begin with, one place I'd like to visit would be Disney World.

I would like to take our daughter to Disney World and have the whole Disney experience.  I've heard wonderful things about the park from my mom when I was growing up and since the last time she went was when she was in university in the 1970s I'd imagine things have probably even gotten more magical since then.

I'd love to stay in a hotel there and take advantage of the fact that Disney apparently does an amazing job at dealing with allergies and intolerances and could feed my daughter and I gluten free food without a problem.

Venice, Italy.  I've always wanted to go to Venice since my aunt bought me a tape as a child called "Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery".

Venice seems like such a romantic city and the idea of waterways instead of streets is very interesting to me.

I would also like to go to Rome but Venice is definitely more important to me.

I've also heard that Italy has some of the best gluten free pasta in the world so that's a pretty big motivation to go right there. lol.

Spain.  I love almost all forms of dance and Flamenco dance has got to be one of the coolest kinds of dance out there.  I'd love to see it in person in Spain.

The culture, language, history and food of Spain completely fascinates me. I'd love to visit the capital, Madrid, one day and possibly along the coast as well.

Paris, France.  I honestly don't care that much about seeing most of France but I figure it's one of those places that if you're going to see the world you should really stop by just to say you've been there.  Especially since I've already been to Portugal and I'd like to see Spain.  It's just so "close" by. lol.

Finally, I'll add St. Lucia.  I've always wanted to go to St. Lucia since I did a project on it in grade 6. lol.  It's just a beautiful Carribean island.  I have never been to the Carribean before and I think it would be nice to lay on the beach for a week enjoying the beauty.

So, that's where I'd like to visit.  Well, at least for now.  Where would you like to go?

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