Friday, September 23, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 14

Your Earliest Memory.

Honestly my childhood is a bit of a blur.

I remember making tents out of blankets, playing dinosaur with my dad (he was the dinosaur we rode on his back), and playing "sandwich" with a chair my parents had that folded out.  Sandwich was when you went in between the cushions of the fold out chair and people sat on top of the chair creating a "sandwiching" affect.  You would then tickle the person stuck in the chair until they screamed to stop.

I'm sure I have memories from before grade 2 but they aren't as vivid as this one.

So I'll take you back to Pigeon Lake. . .

The year was 1989 and I was in grade 2.  Our family, at the time my parents, brother, sister and I were going to our first cottage as a family.  I was extremely excited.

My mom had written me a note to get out of school a few days early for summer vacation.  It was a long car ride up there.  If anyone is familiar with Ontario you'll know that on the way up north there are A LOT of pink rocks.  I still hate pink rocks.  They still make me feel car sick to this day. lol.  Anyway, enough about that.

I don't remember that much about the car ride other than I believe we took the Brown Chevy and I can remember the smell of crayons melting in the window.  Such an awful smell!

I remember going to the zoo on that vacation but I don't remember much about that.  I think it was in Peterborough but I can't be sure.  What I do remember is the rainy day that we played with an Origami book.  I remember trying to fold a fox but all I could manage to make was a paper cup.  So I made A LOT of paper cups.

I remember the swings outside, and the kids that we met from the cottage next door.  I don't remember much about them other than they were fun to play with and I remember discussing that our cottage had mice and they said that their cottage had snakes.  We decided mice were better.

My mom hated the cottage experience.  She whined about cleaning and she whined about the mice.  She complained that she had to wash the dishes every morning before we could have breakfast.  I don't know why she didn't just put the dishes in a protective container of some sort. lol.

I remember the dock.  Unfortunately the brochure for the cottage had mentioned a beach and there was one but it wasn't very good for swimming as there was a lot of plant life in the water.  We did get to play in the sand though and I remember going on a paddle boat.

I believe this is where my love of cottages originally grew from.  Although it wasn't necessarily the perfect experience for everyone, I still love cottaging and someday hope to take our daughter to a cottage and possibly own one as well. :)

What was your earliest memory?

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  1. lol I think playing "hotdog" was one of my earliest memories!! We played it in my Grandma's bed... the kind of bed that the head and legs go up. Obviously it is very similar game as sandwich lol. My Grandma passed away in 1987, so I would have been 4 years old or younger! Wow, that IS an early memory for me! I can also remember a couple things from my first home... like losing a lipstick in the fireplace (it slid down through this crack and I never got it back) also, smashing my teeth on the see-saw at the School there... I would have been in Kindergarten around this time as that was the only year I was there before moving. Funny the things you remember!