Friday, September 16, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 7

So I can see this being a very long post.  Day 7 of the 30 day Blog Challenge is on your favourite childhood toys.  Anyway, I couldn't really think of anything initially but then I searched on Google and typed the name of one item next thing I knew another thing, and another, and another kept coming up.  It was walk back down  memory lane in the 1980s mostly.

So. . .my favourite childhood toys in no particular order:

Ice Capades Barbie.  I got this Barbie as a gift at one point.  Unfortunately I don't remember the year but I'm sure my Barbie collector friends would probably know.  It was my absolute favourite Barbie doll at the time.  I named her Jessica. lol.

I remember dragging my Fisher Price phone around the house as a child.  It was definitely a favourite of mine.  Plus, I loved to spin the dial.  I'm kind of surprised that they're making new versions of the same phone now.

Hungry Hungry Hippo.  We didn't own one of these ourselves but my Grandpa & Grandma did and we LOVED playing it every time we'd go to their house.

Koosh Ball.  I had one of these.  I remember still kicking it around in high school but I'm not actually sure what year they came out.

We had a Discovery Toys Marble Run as kids.  This is a much smaller version than the one we had but I haven't found the same one online this one is close.  I believe it was technically my brother's toy but we all loved playing with it.

My Little Pony - I had a number of My Little Pony Ponies as a child.  I loved playing with them in combination with my Barbies.

Polly Pocket.  I'm saddened to see what happened to Polly Pocket.  It's unfortunate that they had to make them so big!  The whole point of Polly Pocket was so that it could fit in your pocket!  We used to play with these at Recess in public school.  I had the style that is pictured here.

Slap Bracelets! I looved mine.  I remember being disappointed when our school banned them.  I think eventually there was a total ban and they were re-released made of plastic.  I still think the metal ones snapped better. :)

My brother had a couple of different Super Soakers when we were kids.  I never actually owned one myself but my brother would often let me play with his and it was a lot of fun to have that kind of water power. :)

Toys of today are a bit more disappointing to me but I think that comes from growing up in the 80s.  There was so much stuff back then that isn't available now.  I could list off a bunch more but I don't want to make a huge blog post today. :) What were some of your favourite toys from your childhood?

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