Saturday, September 17, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 8

Looking back on my life it is hard to pinpoint one particular moment that I felt most satisfied because there have been many.

For instance, there was the day that my parents dropped me off at residence for college.  I was newly 19 at the time.  I expected everyone to move in on "move in day" but no one in my unit did.  They moved their stuff in but not themselves.  So late at night I sat alone on the common room couch looking over the parking lot of my new home watching other people and listening to the sounds of a new city.  My new home.

I was excited and nervous at the time but couldn't wait to start a new life!  It was a fresh start with a chance to reinvent myself and I couldn't wait to experience all of what life had to throw at me!

In 2008 my husband and I were FINALLY married. lol.  We got engaged on November 11, 2007 and from that point until May 3, 2008 when we were married life was hectic to say the least.  I lost my job in December of '07 and meanwhile we had been putting out quite a lot of money to pay for a wedding.  Luckily I found a new job (at McDonald's) in January '08 so finances weren't as tight but I was also going to school online for Human Resources Management and working as a volunteer event planner and as a landlord in the house I lived in. 

As we progressed in wedding planning we were dismayed to find that everyone and the kitchen sink had an idea of how they wanted the wedding to be.  My parents wanted an elaborate elegant affair with the ceremony at their church, I wanted an outdoor wedding on a lake and my mother in law helped keep us sane with very few requests. lol.

My sisters wanted bridesmaids dresses that didn't make them look bad.  They wanted to look "sexy".  I wanted them to wear silver shoes but my mom refused to put out the money on new shoes when they had "perfectly good church shoes already in white."

Everything was falling apart and I was always in tears.

On the day of the wedding it poured rain.  Luckily we had decided to get married in our church.  (not my parents' church).  I've heard the ceremony was beautiful but I really wasn't fully aware of it despite participating in it. lol.  The whole thing was a blur until we got to the key words "I now pronounce you man and wife. . you may kiss the bride!"  A flood of relief washed over me at that very moment!  OMG WE DID IT!! IT'S OVER!!!!  I had a gigantic smile on my face. :)

There was so much hopefulness in that very moment.  Looking forward to the future.  A future of us!  We had gotten through so much and things were going to be amazing from then on!   It was definitely a moment to remember.  

It, like the other moments, was a moment that I felt most satisfied with my life.

I hope to have many more of those satisfying moments in the future. . .:)

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  1. That was a fun day! Leading up to it? Maybe not so much. I remember searching for bridesmaids dresses everywhere under the friggin sun that day because your mother didn't want to look for bridesmaids dresses in a bridal store. Gah! For the record, the dresses we got (at a bridal store Ha!) were gorgeous.

    Shawn and I were walking in Galleria Mall last week, and reminising about getting your pictures there with Lee Mann and Crew. LOL.

    Thanks to your wedding, I was able to have mine.