Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 9

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

Since I can remember I've wanted to own and operate my own hotel.  It's been a dream since I was a child.  Driving down the highway on vacation we'd often see run down and abandoned hotel or motel properties and I was always saying to my mom, "I would love to buy one of those and fix it up!" She never shared my interest in older buildings and would say something along the lines of "that thing needs to be torn down. You'd never get it to look like anything decent." lol.  Still I dream. . .

The day that Alma College burned to the ground I was heartbroken.  I saw so much potential in the old building.  .it would have made such an awesome hotel, given the opportunity.

My hotel wouldn't be an elaborate hotel like Alma would have made or a large scale hotel like a Best Western or a Radisson, but instead would probably have 18 to 20 rooms.  It would probably look something along these lines:

Every morning we'd serve a relaxing complete breakfast in the dining room.  A full Gluten free breakfast would be available. 

After a long day our guests could relax in the Jacuzzi in their rooms.

As the owner/ operator of a hotel I would also have to have a facility where I could have weddings and I would offer wedding and event planning services.  As I've mentioned before, I love to plan and organize events. . providing people show up for them. lol.  In the case of weddings, you would hope that wouldn't be a problem. lol.  

The chapel in my hotel would hopefully have a window like this one.  It's a compromise for me for the type of wedding that I wanted when I was getting married.  I wanted an outdoor wedding and my mom wanted a church wedding to make sure it was blessed by God.  In this case I would build a chapel somewhere with an amazing view so that both desires would hopefully be met.

As you can probably see I've put a lot of thought into my perfect job and perfect job location.  There is much more I could share but I wouldn't want anyone to steal all of my ideas. :) lol.  Someday I hope this will be a reality but in the meantime I'm enjoying my time as a stay at home mom for my little girl. :)

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