Saturday, October 8, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 29

List 10 People, Dead or Alive, You Would Invite to Dinner.  Include the Dinner Menu.  

This was a hard list to make but here's what I came up with.  These are in no particular order.

1) Jesus
I think it's kind of self explanatory.  He's Jesus, Saviour of the world.  I think it would be really cool if he came for dinner.

2) Queen Elizabeth I
I have a fascination with Elizabeth I ever since I watched the movie, Elizabeth.  She was the first female ruler of England and it would be interesting to hear her perspective on things.

3) Anastasia Romanov
I would be curious to hear about what happened to her and her family.

4) Russell Peters
I really like his comedy routines.

5) Robin Williams
As an actor and comedian I think he would be interesting to talk to.

6) Craig Ferguson
He seems like a really cool and very interesting person.  Not to mention he's really funny.  Plus, my husband would love me forever if I invited him since he never got in to see him in Los Angeles when he was there.

7) Marilyn Monroe
I would be interested to hear about her life as Norma Jean Baker and how it changed with becoming famous.

8) Vivaldi
He could provide some dinner music.

9) Edgar Allan Poe
Great poet, seems kind of dark and mysterious, I think he could tell some good stories and keep the conversation going.

10) Tim Burton
I love his Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride.  I think he's a pretty imaginative person and would be interesting to talk to.

The second question is, what would I make for dinner?

This was a hard question but here's what I came up with:

Roast Beef with gravy
Rumbledethumps - potatoes, cabbage, onion
Sweet Potatoes with butter and maple syrup
Fresh vegetables chopped with dip. - broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, green peppers, etc.
Chocolate walnut fudge
Fresh fruit with chocolate dip - strawberries, cantelope, pineapple, etc
Chocolate cake

Dinner would be somewhat casual while still being formal enough and encourage mingling and discussion. :)

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