Sunday, October 9, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 30

Day 30 – Your goals for the next 30 days

1) Essentially I want to do a Spring Clean.  It's not Spring though. :)

Over the last week we've all been sick and I've been looking at my apartment a lot!  I've been bothered by things falling out of the closet on my head when I open it.  I'm hoping to do a deep thorough clean and organize everything!

2) Increase "Play Time"
I'm hoping to make more of an effort to arrange play dates for my daughter.  I think this will also possibly increase my energy so I'm not crawling around on my knees all day or cooking fake bacon and fake pancakes.  I do enjoy playing but I need down time sometimes too!

3) Increase General Health

This is an ongoing and constant issue in my life.  I'm trying to gain weight, eat healthy and generally feel good.  I'm hoping that in the next 30 days I'll be able to gain at least a couple of lbs.  I'm also hoping to have more energy to allow me to get out more and not get every flu and cold I'm exposed to.

So, as you can probably see I'm pretty horrible at coming up with short term goals. :)  Maybe I should make it a goal to become better at it. lol.  What are some of your goals?

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