Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Product Review: Road's End Penne and "Chreese"

I know this is a horrible picture of the box and here is another horrible picture of the product. lol.  If you notice there is a baby spoon in this bowl.  That's because it's a picture of my daughter's food rather than mine.

So before I say anything I'll give you this description of Road's End Penne and "Chreese" from the manufacturer's website.
"Delicious meal solution of organic brown rice pasta tubes with our special gluten-free cheddar Chreese® nondairy sauce mix."
Here's my take on that statement.  It wasn't delicious and it certainly didn't taste like cheese.
So what can I say about this product?  I have a 2 year old who will eat absolutely anything and she wouldn't eat this stuff.  She took a couple of bites and left the rest.
Honestly it tasted like I was eating a bowl of lentils.  If you like lentils then this product could be for you.  If not, then I wouldn't suggest it.  It doesn't even slightly taste like cheese in the tiniest bit and definitely wasn't what I expected out of a macaroni & cheese product.
I cooked the noodles for 15 minutes (5 minutes longer than the longest package direction advised) and their texture was good.  I did add oil to the water while cooking to keep them from sticking which the package didn't advise but I generally do this with gluten free pastas anyway.
Overall in summary, this is not a product I would buy again.  Not a good option for gluten free, dairy free mac and cheese.

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