Saturday, February 4, 2012

Non-Scale Victories

I came across this on Pinterest tonight and I liked it.  I think it could be applied to me and my weight gain and general health issues.  I have to remember not to forget like they say "Non-Scale Victories".

So here is my edited version :)

Don't Forget about. . .
Non-Scale Victories
they are just as amazing

Pants are tighter
More endurance
Rings are tighter
Inches have been gained
People ask if you've gained weight
You feel healthier
You have more energy
You can lift heavier
You ARE healthier

As a person who has Celiac disease and lost a lot of weight in the past that I really haven't gained back yet, it can be very frustrating to stand on that scale.  I'm sure anyone who is trying to loose weight feels much the same but opposite.  The numbers are harsh.  I have tried not to let them get to me and am trying to focus more on eating right and taking care of myself and hoping that things will come in time.  Patience is a virtue.

However, I am still hoping for at least some non-scale victories (or scale victories - not going to lie they would be nice) this month!! :)

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