Thursday, February 2, 2012


If you have kids you might relate to this post.  It seems like we just got over the last flu when the next one is here!

It all started when Monkey woke up on Sunday night at 2:30am with a fever of 101.3.  She was incredibly uncomfortable and complaining that essentially her entire body was "achy".

Fast forward to today, it's now Wednesday and I'm burnt out.  Two nights, 3 days of near constant fussiness, both day and night with high fever and general illness on Monkey's part and now today Hubby came home from work early because. . . .he's sick.

Joy.  . .

So far the house is holding up - a few dishes - a lot of toys on the living room floor but all is not lost!

Today I decided that I was too tired to do much of anything so I borrowed a recipe from Crockpot 365 and made a very quick and easy dinner for everyone.  Monkey did not eat it.  All she will eat currently is popsicles and cake with her sore throat. . .but it was tasty so here's a link for you to check out and below I've included the slight modifications I made for our family. :)

Herb Garden Chicken:

My Modifications:
* I used 2.5lbs Bone in, skinless chicken breasts instead of a full bird.
* Amounts of the recipe were halved
* I used a 4 quart slow cooker instead of a 6 quart because I was making less chicken. :)
* I served this with white rice and cooked carrots.

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