Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dear Santa. . .

Our daughter is 2.5 years old and this morning we took her to her first ever Santa Claus Parade.  She came home excited and asked if she could write a letter to Santa.  I'm not much of a mail person but luckily Canada Post offers an Email option on their website so we took advantage of that feature and wrote him a letter.

When I was a kid I remember writing letters to Santa in school asking for certain things I wanted so I was kind of expecting the same thing from her.  Her letter made me smile so I wanted to share what she had to say. :)

Dear Santa,

I would like you to get yourself a toy bucket for Christmas. I really like to play with mine. I like when you say Ho Ho Ho. I would also like you to get yourself a toy airplane and a toy guitar. You can play with them at the same time. I think you should get yourself a book. You can get some from the library. I think you should read a Curious George book. It's my favourite.

Do your reindeer sleep? Do you read good night books and say sweet dreams to them? Can you fly?

I think you should buy a toy sheep for yourself and a toy Ernie. Do you like Candy canes?

I saw you in the parade this morning. I waved to you. Were you cold like I was?

My mommy and daddy are getting me lots of presents for Christmas so I want to share.

Thank you Santa,
Please write back soon!
- Signed -

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